Jan 16, 2013

About EGG

What's EGG

EGG is the abbreviation of 'Eurasia Green Gallery'.

The Origin of EGG

2007 Summer, under the call by Jej, Chiwen and their best friends decide to cycle along Taiwan north coast. This riding experience was full of passion as it was their first ride over 100 kilometers in one day. It was fun but also very tough so it let us realize that we can - if together - accomplish a mission that seems impossible by our own. Our unity made this experience a success.

Winter 2008 we are going for a tour of Taiwan. A 10 days trip only ridding bikes. It was a challenge but also the beginning of a love story with this so simple way of traveling. It was while on this journey that started root in our hearts an idea and a whish : We want to ride beyond borders!

In the process of planning the journey we cannot ignore the voice that recalls us to reality: The Earth is sick! The climate changes, the destruction of the ecological environment are indisputable facts. With that we must add natural disasters that have been striking in recent years. Many people do not see the danger yet humanity must face the largest crisis ever known. This crisis is not nuclear neither a financial crisis. It is the earth that comes into recession! With this conclusion we had a reflection on how to give a meaning and invest ourselves into the project. We are going to travel counterclockwise from East to West like trying to go back in time.

Finally we have refocus our journey in order to give it a more environmental meaning. We will have a bicycle trailer allowing us to carry young trees that we will plant along the way. By planting thoses saplings we are willing to create a green axis like safety belt for the planet. To plant even more trees we are open to work with as many orgasisations for environmental protection as possible.

Who We Are

Yen-Chung Chang, Jej
  • Taipei, Taiwan(Taiwanese)
  • 2008 First tour of Taiwan 10 days
  • 2008 Tour of Taiwan 15 days under HP's activity 
  • 2010 Tour of Taiwan 9 days
  • 2010 Bike-travel along Central Mountain 5 days
  • 2011 Never Stop – Challenge The Peak accomplish

Chi-Wen Chen, Chiwen
  • Keelung, Taiwan(Taiwanese)
  • 2008 First tour of Taiwan 10 days
  • 2010 Swim across sun moon lake
  • 2011 Stay in India Kochi 3 months

Fleur Merlingeas-Meynard, Fleur
  • Hsinchu, Taiwan(French)
  • 2003 Working holiday in Ireland 4 months
  • 2005 Stay in Morrocco 3 months
  • 2010 First Tour of Taiwan
  • 2010 Fu Bang Half Marathon
  • 2011 Bike-travel in France 3 days
  • 2011 Never Stop – Challenge The Peak accomplish
  • 2011 Tour of Taiwan 7 days


2012/4/22, the Earth Day, we will go cycling, using the most low-carbon way to cross Eurasia-continent, our trip will start from Beijing, go across China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belorussia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy and end in Vatican, the length is totally 15000 kilometers and will cost 180 days.

During the 180 days, we will plant saplings along the way each day, we call "New Green", it's human's most direct manner to show their attentive to our earth, we hope this can remind peoples using the most efficient way – PLANT giving our mother earth a beautiful green clothes, to concern about the indigenous species issue, we will obtain the saplings from local and give it to local people we meet and help him/her to plant just near his/her home, this also can ensure the saplings can get better care afterward.

Meanwhile, we plan to interact to local peoples in different countries, show them videos to convey how urgent environment protect and saving is, furthermore ask the peoples who agree the faith to make a promise that change their own behave good to the earth and broadcast to internet, we call "Green mind", after all, it's easy to deforest and hard to plant, only reduce harm and keep planting is the only way to give our earth a breath. The biggest catastrophic is always caused by human, so only improve everyone's eco-conscience is the most efficient way to better our world.

File : Proposal、 Map、 Daily Schedule

What We Want

Recent years, since the economic situation become worse, people gradually forget the serious environment condition is deteriorating dramatically. On purpose of alarm people to care environmental issue again, merely working hard one's own is not enough, publicize only by slogan won't make big influence and response, so we do it ourselves in real action to announce our faith, and hope this faith can be gather as a new Green sense flow spread sustained.

To depth the root by action as New Green, revolution our own mind to bud as Green Mind, this two power will grow a Green Gallery that cross the Eurasia continent. Let bike-travel become a Green power, contribute all human's heart to pray for our Earth.